D3 Digitale mengtafel

D3 Digitale mengtafel

D3 Universele digitale omroep mengtafel

Een volledig digitale radio mengtafel voor produktie en on-air doeleinden, ontworpen voor moderne omroeptechnieken.

€ 3500.00


D4 digitale mengtafel

D4 digitale mengtafel

16 faders, 32 inputs

All digital "universal" broadcast mixing console with 16 input faders, OLED displays, 32 stereo inputs, 16 outputs.

2 large touch screen color displays. Programmable channel on/off / start button for each input fader.
Backside D4 connector panel: 32 inputs, 15 stereo outputs, GPIO on D25. 

D4 Digital on-air and production broadcast mixing desk 


8 balanced microphone / mono line inputs with 48V phantom powering, to be configured as studio or control room microphone.
8 AES/EBU digital inputs with built-in sample rate converter on XLR-type connectors.
16 stereo balanced line inputs on XLR connectors, 2 unbalanced 'EXT' line inputs on jack
Each input can be assigned to a fader. E.Q., dynamics, input type etc. can be set individually per input. 

Channel logic:

Fader start, continue or pulse; 'Start' on/off button; Pfl. active output; Enable codec / hybrid output (hybrid 'on'); Talkback button for each channel.
Channel remote mute input; Ring detect input to signal incoming calls from hybrids;
Fader overrule (unity gain e.g. for automatic commercial broadcast); Remote pfl. 'on'); 
In order to integrate the mixing desk with broadcast automation software all these functions are available on a USB connector. 

€ 8990.00